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Saturday July 18, 2009 - 3:30 pm
The Paley Center, Beverly Hills


(1981, 85 mins, Amnesty International/BBC, Directed by Ken Griffin)

The 20th anniversary of Amnesty International, was celebrated by what was the first-ever (and to date only-ever) rock concert at London's 900-year-old Westminster Abbey. It was an historic event instigated and produced by the late Nicholas Wright (a noted Egyptologist and former Abbey chorister) and "Secret Policeman's Ball" series co-creator/co-producer Martin Lewis. A dramatic "son-et-lumiere" concert by the British classical-prog-rock fusion band Sky - founded and led by acclaimed classical guitarist John Williams (Theme to "The Deer Hunter"), legendary session musician Herbie Flowers (bassist for David Bowie, Lou Reed et al) and Francis Monkman (founder of British prog-rock pioneers Curved Air - the band Stewart Copeland played in before The Police). Popular throughout most of the world in the 1980s, in the US the band was best known for its 1987 release "Sky: The Mozart Album". The concert took place in February 1981 on the day that Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their plans to marry later that year. Westminster Abbey had been expected to be the venue for the nuptials (as was traditional for royal weddings) but in a move widely seen as a Buckingham Palace rebuke of Westminster Abbey for having desecrated its sacred ground by permitting heathen rock music to be played in its hallows - the wedding was shifted to rival St. Paul's Cathedral! This show has never been seen or released in any format in the USA. Never on DVD. This will be the US Premiere of the concert in any media and its World Theatrical Premiere.

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Herbie FlowersSkyJohn Williams

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