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Sunday July 12, 2009 - 2:30 pm
The Paley Center, Beverly Hills


(1981, 99 mins, Amnesty International, Directed by Julien Temple)

The really big show - co-directed by Cleese who revived several classic skits for the event from his pre-Python stint with Graham Chapman in the legendary "At Last The 1948 Show." Features three Monty Pythons (Cleese, Chapman, Palin), Billy Connolly, the BBC's "Not The 9 'O Clock News" team and newcomers Victoria Wood and Alexei Sayle. Cleese also teams up with the newer generation including Rowan Atkinson. Series co-creator Martin Lewis built on his inclusion of Pete Townshend in the 1979 show by recruiting a slew of established rockers (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Donovan) and then-emerging talent (Sting, Phil Collins, Bob Geldof) to the Amnesty cause for memorable musical interludes that inspired Live Aid creator Geldof to follow suit. Director Julien Temple ("Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle", "Absolute Beginners") was brought in to add cinematic flair to the filming. This is the original, uncut 1982 UK film - never released theatrically in the US. (Not to be confused with the quite different US version of the film released by Miramax in 1982.)

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Comedic Performers:
Rowan AtkinsonAlan BennettJohn BirdTim Brooke-TaylorGraham ChapmanJohn CleeseBilly ConnollyJohn FortuneChris LanghamMichael PalinGriff Rhys JonesAlexei SaylePamela StephensonJohn WellsVictoria Wood

Rock Musicians:
Jeff BeckEric ClaptonPhil CollinsDonovanBob GeldofThe Secret PoliceSting

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