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Tea-Time Rock For Amnesty!
Double-bill of two rare & distinctive music films for Amnesty
Two Rockin’ Premieres!
"Secret Policeman" co-creator/co-producer Martin Lewis in-person

Saturday June 20, 2009 - 5:00 pm
The Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood


(1990, 68 mins, Amnesty International, Directed by Larry Jordan)

Amnesty had wanted to visit Chile as part of the Human Rights Now tour in 1988 - but the presence of General Pinochet's dictatorship prevented that. In 1990, Pinochet was finally banished and Amnesty helped the people of Chile celebrate with a two-day music festival in the very stadium where Pinochet's thugs had once imprisoned and murdered Chilean citizens. The festival was headlined by an eclectic lineup including Sting, Peter Gabriel, Jackson Browne, SinŽad O'Connor, Wynton Marsalis, Ruben Blades and a newly-politicized New Kids on the Block. Never seen in the US. Never on home video or DVD anywhere in world. This will be the US Premiere of the film in any media and its World Theatrical Premiere.

Sting - one of the pioneer "Musicians for Amnesty"


(2009, 60 mins, Amnesty International, Directed by Martin Lewis)

Secret Policeman's Ball series co-creator and co-producer Martin Lewis who first recruited rock musicians for Amnesty was commissioned to create this brand-new music special celebrating the 30th anniversary of the series. Features historic performances by Pete Townshend, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Dave Stewart, Kate Bush, Phil Collins, Bob Geldof et al. Not on DVD. This is its World Premiere.

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Jeff BeckRuben BladesJackson BrowneKate BushEric ClaptonPhil CollinsPeter GabrielBob GeldofDavid GilmourMark KnopflerWynton MarsalisNew Kids on the BlockSinead O'ConnorThe Secret PoliceDave StewartStingPete TownshendJohn Williams

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