Exchange relating to George Harrison - between Sir George Martin and Christian Koch of WENN - on Wednesday July 18th 2001

Question number 24 (of 27 questions)

Q: Have you heard from George Harrison at all?

A: Have I...?

Q: ...heard from George Harrison? Because he has...

A: I was last with George about a couple of months ago and I was at his home with him. And he was... I mean, he's... George has had a rough time. Apart from having had cancer in a couple of places, he's also been attacked by a lunatic and nearly killed. And if it weren't for his wife, he would have been dead.

And now he's had a recurrence of cancer. So... But he's got an indomitable spirit. And he's just hanging in there. He's abroad at the moment. He's... he's been having treatment and he's just taking it easy and hoping that the... the thing will go away. And I pray and hope that it will too.

Q: How's his general health though? I mean...

A: How's his?

Q: His general health. You said he's got this indomitable spirit but is his health...?

A: He's... he's very philosophical, you know... I mean everybody's got to die sometime. And I'm nearer that than most people - because I'm so old! And George has been near it many times and so... And he's been rescued many times. So... I guess he's hoping that he's going to be rescued again. And I think he will. But he knows perfectly well there's a chance he may not be. And he's accepting it quite... quite happily.

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