An ever-growing listing of people and works that have inspired
and influenced Martin Lewis in his professional and personal life.


David Ackles
Woody Allen
The Beatles
Lenny Bruce
George Carlin
Peter Cook
Noel Coward
Ray Davies
Brian Epstein
The Goons
Tony Hancock
Stanley Holloway
Aldous Huxley
Spike Jones
Ernie Kovaks
Illya Kuryakin (!)
John Lennon
The Marx Brothers
Monty Python
Harry Nilsson
Phil Ochs
Mr. Pastry
Mort Sahl
The Portsmouth Sinfonia
Peter Sellers
Derek Taylor
Pete Townshend
Oscar Wilde
Robin Williams
P.G. Wodehouse


American Gothic - album by David Ackles
The Blood Donor - sitcom episode starring Tony Hancock
Crome Yellow - book by Aldous Huxley
Days - song by Ray Davies
Down River - song by David Ackles
Dr. Strangelove - film by Stanley Kubrick
Entirely a Matter For You - monologue by Peter Cook
The Greek Sound - album by Mikis Theodorakis
The Importance Of Being Earnest - play by Oscar Wilde
In My Life - song by John Lennon
The Luck Of The Bodkins - book by P.G. Wodehouse
A Night At The Opera - film by the Marx Bros.
Plastic Ono Band - album by John Lennon
The Producers - film by Mel Brooks
Rubber Soul - album by The Beatles
Seven Words You Canít Say On TV - monologue by George Carlin
The Song Is Over - song by Pete Townshend
Springtime For Hitler - song by Mel Brooks
Surfs Up - song by Brian Wilson
Who Stole My Heart - song performed by Jack Buchanan
Why Canít A Woman Be More Like A Man? - song by Lerner & Loewe
Woman - song by John Lennon

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