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Martin Lewis started his professional life as a freelance journalist in 1970 - writing for several prestigious British music magazines.

After many years as a producer of records, stage shows, films and TV - working with comedy legends such as Monty Python and Peter Cook - in 1990 he became a comedic performer in his own right. He now appears frequently on American TV offering his sardonic commentaries on politics and pop culture. He is also a regular commentator for Britain’s BBC.

In recent years he has also resumed his first vocation of writing articles for publication. This section of the Martin Lewis Website presents all of his columns for - the website of Time Magazine - and adds new work as it is published. It also presents some of his other recent work as a writer - including his political commentaries for the Gimme Some Truth website – and his published work about the Beatles.

One of his long-term projects is to present on this website all his articles, interviews and reviews as a journalist from his 1970's archive. This will be a time-consuming project. Check back periodically to monitor progress!

So please bookmark this page and return occasionally. There will always be fresh words for you to read!

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