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When The French Chips Are Down…
by Martin Lewis
(First published March 13, 2003)

There’s been a lot of furor in recent days about the renaming of “French Fries” as “Freedom Fries” Especially now that this has taken place in the hallowed canteens of Congress.

We Brits are right behind you. Disdain for the French is one of the common bonds between the American and British nations. Probably the strongest bond…

So I certainly understand the eschewing of the word “French.” Why give that nation any favorable publicity?

But I’m not sure I agree with the new nomenclature for the fried potato. Not that I’ve anything against the word freedom. A jolly good concept. It’s what we Brits decided to give you Americans in 1776. (After a little prompting.)

But since Britain remains America’s staunchest ally (or “al-EYE” as Condaleeza Rice consistently mispronounces the word)… the stalwart support you can depend upon – why not reward that loyalty by renaming the Fry with the British word for this high-carb delight.

The CHIP. As in “Fish And Chips”

Yes I know that you Americans have already designated that word for a cold thin savory item that we Brits call a “crisp.” But the addition of the prefix “Freedom” should eliminate any confusion.

There has to be SOME reward for Tony Blair risking his entire political career by supporting George Bush. Tony Blair has to have SOMETHING to show the British public. And if it can’t be a United Nations resolution – a Congressional resolution renaming French Fries as “Freedom Chips” might just save his neck.

So if George Bush can’t give him a fig leaf – at least he could give him a chip.

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