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The Chad-Gore Connection!
by Martin Lewis
(First published November 13, 2000)

It now seems as if the election may hinge on the way the chad on each of approximately 6 million ballot papers was punched.

One doubts if the word "chad" had even crossed the mind of most Americans until Saturday. To the extent that anyone had heard the word - it was probably cognition of the African nation of that name.

I thought I should do an internet search on the Republic of Chad - just to see if it had any established connections with either Gore or Bush. Perhaps we could find a clue as to which way this Chad-affected election will end.

Bingo! 30 seconds later I discovered that the Republic Of Chad has a major town by the name of Gore! In fact an African news item dated August 31, 2000 comments on "reports of a rebel attack near the southeastern town of Gore."

Could there also be a Bush in Chad? Possibly. But a cursory glance over the geography of Chad did not reveal one. However it DID uncover a Dubya sounding name.

And it was even in the same news report that discussed the rebel attack on Gore! The story revealed that the rebel group in question - the Comite de Sursaut National pour la Paix et la Democratie (CNSPD) "has been active in the oil-rich Doba area."

Well Doba is not precisely Dubya - but it's pretty close - and given its connection to oil - I was pretty impressed.

It appears that the final conflict between Gore and Dubya was always destined to be fought over chad.

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