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Party on at Playboy!
by Martin Lewis
(First published August 13, 2000)

Saturday night's Playboy party toasting media in town for the Dems would have had a good turnout under any circumstances. Throw the Loretta Sanchez cancellation into the mix and the bash was irresistible.

And what a den of iniquity it was at Hefner's mansion. Even an investigator as seasoned to human weakness as Ken Starr would have quivered at the sight. The lawn was crowded with bodies wearing tight clothes... flesh straining against fabric suggestively. Skimpy black material that could barely restrain the curves thrusting urgently outwards...

Unfortunately I'm describing the predominantly middle-age male journalists who crowded into the party - shamelessly flaunting their beer paunches through their Men's Wearhouse dark suits. The Playboy bunnies strewn around the party seemed demure in comparison.

Hef was there of course - indignant at the Sanchez incident - and giving a stream of interviews. He told everyone that he was definitely rethinking his support for the current Dem ticket. A surly Gordon Liddy-clone bodyguard was there to protect him. Though whether from angry DNC officials or ousted playmates wasn't clear.

Expected faces included Hef disciple Bill Maher. Less anticipated were Bryant Gumbel with a radiant looking Hillary (HIS Hillary), Fox News' Bill O'Reilly (who eschews shirt and ties at social gatherings for tee-shirt and suit. Evidently a man who watches "Miami Vice" reruns.) And - ever-radiant in the glow of TV lights - was the ubiquitous Arianna.

TV crews hustled round looking for the story and ended up interviewing fellow media about looking for the story. Journalists lined up to be Polaroided with a Bunny. The evening had all the sexual energy of a day at Disneyland. Saturday night at the Liebermans has to be more salacious than this.

A summer night at the Playboy mansion... This all used to be fun. But in a post-Lewinsky world, liberals aren't even allowed fun anymore. Ken Starr has a lot to answer for....

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