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The Glitter's Gone!
by Martin Lewis
(First published October 24, 2000)

Someone must be reading these E-Mails From The Trail. A couple of weeks back I posted a note about the fact that George Bush's campaign rallies were being stoked up by the playing of the song "Rock And Roll Part 2" by Gary Glitter - the 70's glam-rock icon who was recently convicted of downloading 4,000 images of kiddie porn from the Internet. (See the E-Mail-From-The-Trail archive: "All That Glitters is Not Gold" - October 11, 2000.) I was curious as to whether this was the Bush campaign displaying crass ignorance or astoundingly liberal compassion for a fallen star with paedophilic tastes.

Never one to miss an opportunity, a leading British tabloid, the Daily Mirror, threw these facts in the face of Dubya's campaign and produced a full-page extravaganza under the glaring headline: "D'YOU WANNA BE IN MY GANG?" (a reference to another of Glitter's hits). To illustrate the story, they dropped George Bush's head onto a photo of Glitter's outrageously costumed body - Glitter was the Liberace of glam rock - and finished it off by putting Glitter's notoriously wild coiffure (actually a wig containing Earth-endangering amounts of polyester) on top of the smirking Bush. The strange thing is that Bush looks VERY cool as a glitter king.

"We had no idea it was one of Glitter's songs," stammered a Bush spokesman in the Mirror piece. "We just thought it was a catchy number. Most of our people don't know who he is, but now his background has been explained to us, you will not hear it again at a Governor Bush rally."

I guess that is a clear example of the meaning of Dubya's recent buzz-word "consequence " ("Saddam," "Hollywood," teachers are all targets liable to be on the receiving end of a "consequence". And now it seems Gary Glitter has already had his "consequence".)

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