These columns written by Martin Lewis were originally published on the website of Time Magazine.

Election Fix
June 08, 2001
Political junkies strung out since the Florida recount could mainline a shot of British election results last night.'s resident Brit-In-Exile, Martin Lewis, translates English election-speak into American.

Springtime For Mel Brooks (and Broadway)
April 20, 2001
"Springtime For Hitler" devotee and contributor - Martin Lewis - attended the premiere of Mel Brooks' stage musical "The Producers" last night - and reports on the scene before and after the show.

Survivor 3: The Hollywood Audition
April 03, 2001
With 'Survivor 2' drawing to a climax, CBS holds auditions in Hollywood to find 16 ab-perfect telegenics for the next season. contributor (and confirmed indoors-man) Martin Lewis joins the applicants, surrounded by freaks, geeks and Jay Leno.

Doing the Oscar Bash
March 26, 2001 contributor and Man-About-Tinseltown Martin Lewis spends Oscar weekend in search of the Meaning Of Life - as revealed through the parties.

And The Award For Best Party Goes To...
March 24, 2001
Hollywood fixture and contributor Martin Lewis has covered numerous Academy Awards and knows that the only award that really counts in TinselTown is "Best Party-Giver" Here's his preview of this year's nominees.

Stumping For Oscar
March 19, 2001 contributor Martin Lewis - who covers the worlds of both politics and pop culture - discovers his two interests merging on the campaign trail to the Academy Awards.

Just Grammy Desserts
February 21, 2001
After the dust settled on Eminem and Elton's Grammy duet - the music industry fanned out into the Hollywood night to fritter away all their profits not siphoned off by Napster. scenester Martin Lewis tagged along for the ride (and the desserts)

February 20, 2001
On the eve of the Grammys that divides the Recording Academy on generational lines, contributor Martin Lewis attends an all-star tribute to Grammy nominee and baby-boomer hero - Paul Simon.

Hooters and Hollywood Agents
January 27, 2001 contributor Martin Lewis attends the American TV industry's annual marketplace in Las Vegas - to investigate what hot new TV shows we'll be watching this year. He finds himself up to his neck in hot dogs, hot pizza and hot Hooter girls.

From Camelot to Crawford...
January 21, 2001
The post-inaugural parties reflected the passing of the political and social baton - as contributor and scenester Martin Lewis reveals in the last of his trilogy of Inauguration party reports.

T'was The Night Before Inaugural...
January 20, 2001 contributor and confirmed party animal Martin Lewis continues his quest for the Perfect Inaugural Ball

Confessions of a Party Animal
January 19, 2001
Inauguration Diary: contributor and Hollywood scenester Martin Lewis is in Washington to document as many inauguration celebrations as he can talk his way into. Here's his first report...

Bluffing Into The Balls
January 14, 2001
Don't have a ticket to those big inaugural balls? Don't worry. contributor and notorious Tinseltown party person Martin Lewis is here to suggest some ways to attend - sans invitation. After all he reasons - GOP stands for Gatecrash Our Party!

Taking The Country (Music) For A Ride
January 12, 2001
What will the partygoers be grooving to in D.C.? contributor (and music buff) Martin Lewis surveys the sounds of the inaugural

Dude - Where's The Party?!
January 12, 2001 contributor and Hollywood party animal Martin Lewis casts his eye eastward to survey the celebrations surrounding the inauguration

Nouveau Gauche
December 23, 2000
Left Coast contributor and self-styled zeitgeistmeister Martin Lewis predicts how the second Bush presidency will impact the nation's style

It Was 20 Million Tears Ago Today....
December 08, 2000
John Lennon's death in December 1980 left a generation weeping. Twenty years later the pain is still palpable.... contributor (and Beatles historian) Martin Lewis looks back at what John Lennon means in his life.

Many Years From Then...
December 01, 2000
As the Beatles new greatest hits album debuts at #1 and their first film "A Hard Day's Night" is reissued in America - contributor and Fab-ulist Martin Lewis ponders the phenomenon of their evergreen popularity.

The Chad-Gore Connection!
November 13, 2000
It's true! The Republic of Chad has a town called Gore! Martin Lewis explores his atlas for Chad connections...

Transition? What Transition?!
November 13, 2000
America takes ten weeks to effect a transition. In Britain they do it in ten hours! A comparison of power transitions in the US and UK.

Who's Next Prez?
November 09, 2000
George W. Bush steals a classic Who song for his campaign. Martin Lewis alerts Pete Townshend to the theft and gets an e-mail from Pete about his political beliefs!

Election Night-mare
November 08, 2000
It's election night in New York and Martin Lewis goes on the town with Billy Baldwin and Martha Plimpton for a scary election night.

Hallelujahs for Hillary!
November 06, 2000
Martin Lewis attends a get-out-the-vote election rally for Hillary Clinton in a Brooklyn gospel church on the Sunday before the 2000 election.

John, Paul, George and.... Al?!
November 06, 2000
What is the position of the presidential candidates on a really important topic - the Beatles?!

Unleash Hell On Al
November 05, 2000
Martin Lewis conducts a PRE-Mortem on the 2000 election - drawing insight on the Bush campaign's anti-Gore strategy by studying a new BBC documentary. The Bush/RNC opposition researchers live up to the sign in their HQ bunker that commands them to "Unleash hell on Al."

"World" Series? What "World"?!
October 27, 2000
Cricket fan Martin Lewis queries the global importance of a game played only in America

The Glitter's Gone!
October 24, 2000
Martin Lewis' early October article exposing Bush's use of Gary Glitter's music in his campaign leads to Bush dumping Glitter. What Dubya would call "a consequence" of Gary's taste for kiddie porn.

Mork Does Dubya
October 23, 2000
Robin Williams savages Bush in a surprise appearance at a pro-choice benefit in Hollywood. Benefit emcee Martin Lewis was in the wings - and goes back to his early 70's beginnings to review the magical performance

Al & Dubya Take A Shot Of Cyber Truth Serum!
October 18, 2000
The third presidential debate is monitored by Martin Lewis using a new computer Lie Detector Test. And the results are startling....

The Truth Game
October 17, 2000
"Going to the candidates' debate...." Preparing to test the third debate for lies.

Debate Science Project
October 12, 2000
Martin Lewis has his reactions to the 2nd debate measured by high-tech medical gauges - on loan from the Sharper Image!

All That Glitters is Not Gold
October 11, 2000
Moralist George W. Bush warms up his election crowds with a Gary Glitter classic. But seems blissfully unaware of Gary Glitter's recent conviction for possession of kiddie porn.

Is Dubya A Secret C-Span Junkie?
October 02, 2000
Martin Lewis reveals what may be a key secret of Bush's debate prep. He watches Span-At-Nite!

Hollywood Salutes a Republican!
September 25, 2000
Bruce Willis is honored by a Hollywood ballroom full of liberals

Joe Sees Stars!
September 15, 2000
Keeping an eye on Joe Lieberman at the Gore-Lieberman Radio City fundraiser

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Gore
September 15, 2000
A Democratic fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall is a reminder that this election is the first-ever presidential battle between two baby-boomers. But will the victor be Gore's flower-power or Bush's dour power?

It's the Hair, Stupid
August 28, 2000
Looking for a fresh bead on the presidential election - Martin Lewis analyzes the candidates' hair styles.

Why a Boat Trip?
August 18, 2000
Al Gore and Joe Lieberman start their post-convention weekend with a campaign trip on a riverboat. Semi-lapsed Jew Martin Lewis reveals the significance of Rollin' On The River on the Sabbath.

A Very Creative Party
August 17, 2000
The best party during the Democratic convention was hosted by the Creative Coalition. Martin Lewis discovers that caring is back in fashion. Warning! Contains Arianna sightings!

August 16, 2000
Martin Lewis describes the newest sport - the art of gatecrashing the skyboxes at political conventions. He even 'fesses up to his own novice attempts at Sky-Boxing!

The World Is Watching...
August 15, 2000
The international media covering the elections reach American voters abroad and could have a major impact on the election.

Snooping the Convention Hall
August 14, 2000
Martin Lewis wanders round L.A.'s Staples Center looking at preparations for the Democratic convention. He finds some very worrisome architectural plans.

Party on at Playboy!
August 13, 2000
Hugh Hefner throws a bash for media covering the Democratic convention at the Playboy Mansion - now a verboten destination in the newly-puritanical Democratic Party.

"I'm Invited - Therefore I Am"
August 12, 2000
Martin Lewis explains L.A.'s version of existentialism - and how it will affect attendees at the Democratic convention.

Look What They Done To My Song
August 07, 2000
How the Republicans abused music at their convention - including a shameless version of John Lennon's "Come Together"

Partying With A Purpose
August 04, 2000
British political commentator Martin Lewis attends his first American political convention - and stirs up liberal doses of trouble for the GOP.

Martin Lewis has written several articles for the website which were rejected - usually for being "too partisan" (!) One or two columns actually briefly appeared on the website - and were subsequently removed for this reason. These are the columns which were 'spiked' - and thus "Out Of Time". Find out why!

Oscar Resurrection
March 25, 2002
Humorist/producer Martin Lewis follows the Holy Grail and arrives at two of Hollywood's hottest Oscar parties. And he gets a gimpse of Anna Nicole Smith's enormous soul.

Faith De-based Initiative
September 13, 2001
Writer Martin Lewis reflects on the way forward after the tragic attack on America. Will bombing the terrorists solve the entire problem? Is that how we "whip terrorism"? Or are there other approaches that need to be pursued?

Son Of Condit Meets The King
August 28, 2001
Those who thought things could not get much worse for the embattled Gary Condit - reckoned without a TV appearance made on his behalf on Monday night by the Congressman's son - Chad. The hour-long interview on CNN's "Larry King Live" was a painful experience - mostly for what it revealed about the Condit family and its sense of reality.

The Art of Lying
July 30, 2001
Writer and Beatles historian Martin Lewis was deeply offended by the tabloid story on Sunday July 22nd 2001 claiming that Sir George Martin had specifically stated that George Harrison was close to dying. Lewis felt the story was false - and spent several days investigating the article. He discovered that the story WAS a fabrication. This is the original full-length expose he wrote. An abridged version was subsequently published on

Star Chad
November 14, 2000 contributor Martin Lewis solicits opinions on the election imbroglio from a slew of celebrities.

Pregnant Chad!
November 11, 2000
A tongue-in-cheek glossary of the new terminology. (Written at 2.30am on the Sunday morning when the chads first came to public attention!)

We Are Entering The O.J. Zone
November 10, 2000
The Florida recount reachs an O.J. zeitgeist moment. Enter the equivalent of the first dog psychologist!

DUI - Dubya Uber Ironic
November 02, 2000
Who says there's no such commodity as irony in America? The first two hours of the Dubya DUI story yielded plenty.

October 25, 2000
In promoting her nude Penthouse spread Paula Jones exposes more than herself. Including her admission that she was used by Clinton-haters

"Friends, Republicans and Countrymen"
October 14, 2000
The Mark Anthony speech Al Gore SHOULD have made in the election campaign

Sighs and Snorts
October 12, 2000
A medical opinion on Bush's public snorting habit!

Foreign Correspondent
October 11, 2000
How the British view the elections

Hollywood - The New "N" Word
October 10, 2000
The entertainment industry power has shifted to New York - posing a challenge to conservatives who like to demonize "Hollywood"

October 09, 2000
A proven innocent man is waiting today for George Bush's pardon so he can vote in this election. But does Bush issue pardons as fast as he denies clemency? Commentator Martin Lewis uncovers a disturbing story.

Dubya Does Doves And Ducks Debates
September 14, 2000
An inside story on why Bush is running scared about the debates.

Austin Powers And The Lost Mojo
September 11, 2000
There's a battle raging between Bush HQ in Austin and the RNC in DC

Expletive NOT Deleted
September 04, 2000
A reflection on Bush's "Asshole" comment

Al Gore: Born To Run
August 18, 2000
The last night of the Democratic convention - viewed as a Springsteen concert

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