Quite separately to his work as a humorist and commentator - Martin Lewis enjoys a reputation as one of the world's leading authorities on the Beatles. Drawing on his Beatles scholarship he contributes a regular column titled "Beatle-ly Incorrect!" for the leading Beatles fanzine - Daytrippin' This section presents all of those columns - plus some of his other published work relating to the Beatles.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 16
December 2001
Two topics in this issue's column. "In Our Hours Of Darkness" - an appreciation of how the Beatles have provided comfort and support in times of trouble - from John's "Give Peace A Chance" and George's "Bangla Desh" to Paul's "Freedom." And "Here Comes The Knight?" - an appeal to the British establishment to honor George Harrison with a knighthood for his considerable contributions to the British film industry and for his pioneering work in organizing the "Concert For Bangla Desh" - the direct inspiration for all the rock concert benefits of the past 30 years.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 15
August 2001
Specially adapted for Daytrippin' - here is an updated version of Martin Lewis's sensational expose of the fraudulent tabloid story about George Harrison's health. This expose was first published on the prestigious website Salon.com on Friday August 3rd 2001.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 14
May 2001
Eat The Beatles!

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 13
February 2001
Thank God They Let It Be...

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 12
November 2000
"Hard Day's Shining Knight" - a personal appreciation of Beatles' film producer Walter Shenson - based on the eulogy Martin Lewis gave for his friend at his funeral in October 2000.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 11
August 2000
Three topics. "Yoko O-Yes" - a plea for Beatles fans to recognize and respect Yoko's incredible contribution to John's life and art. A detailed discussion of why fans who seek the CD release of Capitol's Beatles US catalog are benignly misguided! And an appeal to all Beatles fans to vote for candidates who support Beatle-esque philosophies in the US elections.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 10
May 2000
Imagine... A salute to the most incredibly insightful, effective marketing campaign ever undertaken by Capitol Records on behalf of the reissue of a solo Beatles project. The reissue of the "Imagine" album and the release of the "Gimme Some Shelter" documentary about the making of the landmark 1971 album. But what campaign is Martin referring to?

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 9
February 2000
Three more Beatle-ish topics. The Art Of NOT Dying - a reflection on the knife attack on George Harrison. A discussion of how succumbing to the seductive bribery of tax cuts can lead to a society where the mentally ill (including knife-wielding sociopaths) roam freely owing to lack of funds for medical treatment. And "Happiness Is A Warm Gun Control Bill" - a plea for strong gun control in memory of John Lennon.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 8
November 1999
Millennium-mania! Were the Beatles the musical artists of the Millennium? And if so - why? An in-depth analysis of what made the Beatles so unique and special.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 8
September 1999
Three topics in this column. A tribute to Martin's favorite aspect of the Beatlefest conventions he emcees - the simple, informal sing-alongs in the wee hours. A suggestion of how to answer Blue Meanies who mock your Beatle habit. And a tribute to the under-sung heroic work on the "Yellow Submarine" movie by Brian Epstein - who persuaded the very reluctant Beatles to partake in the project.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 7
June 1999
This column presents a sneak preview of the restored theatrical version of "Yellow Submarine" and gives details of how the restoration was conceived and executed.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 6
March 1999
This column is devoted to a single topic. In "Have You Heard? The Word Is 'Love'" Martin argues that it makes no sense to declare oneself a Beatles fan unless one also embraces the compassionate, progressive philosophy of the group.

Daytrippin' Magazine - Issue 5
December 1998
Martin's first column for Daytrippin' tackles three topics. His theory that the Beatles created better music when they were eating meat! Comments about the disappointing feud between Paul and Yoko. And a plea in favor of the UK Beatles 'catalogue' versus the US 'catalog'!

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