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Having served as a consultant on the Beatles' "Anthology" and "Live At The BBC" projects - Lewis has been working on the reissue of the Beatles' first movie "A Hard Day's Night." He worked on the film's theatrical release last year - and he has just been appointed to work on the long-awaited, new DVD and home-video versions of the film. He will be intimately involved in the post-production and marketing of the film - which will be released by Miramax/Buena Vista. The release date has not yet been set.

See story in Sunday's Los Angeles Times (second story, "FAB FILM").

For the last few months Martin Lewis has been a guest host of the radio program "Breakfast With The Beatles" which airs every Sunday morning on Los Angeles radio station KLSX 97.1 FM. For his appearances, Lewis has created themed radio specials with celebrity guests and musical rarities. Themes have included the band's extensive movie connections, its American musical roots and even a fun show on their favorite foods.

Early in August, the station issued a press release announcing that Lewis was under consideration to be a permanent host of the show - and the station placed his name in a month-long online poll of its radio listeners to decide on the host of the new show. (The other names in the poll were four local radio deejays who have also been guest hosts of the show.)

While it was pleasing that the station would regard him as a natural choice to host their show on a permanent basis - and thus automatically place him in their poll alongside the other recent guest hosts of the show - they had not in fact consulted Lewis beforehand about this development.

As mentioned above, Martin Lewis has just accepted major new responsibilities for the production of the "A Hard Day's Night" DVD. Those responsibilities - coupled with his other extensive commitments as a performer on network TV, writer and producer - make it impossible for him to consider a permanent position hosting a local radio show.

Therefore - he has notified KLSX that he regrets that he is unavailable to be a permanent host of its radio show - and he has instructed them to remove his name from consideration. He wishes the station good luck in its quest to find the best permanent host for the show.

His last appearance as guest host of the "Breakfast with the Beatles" show takes place on Sunday August 12th.

A full announcement about his appointment to produce the "A Hard Day's Night" DVD and his withdrawal from consideration as full-time host of "Breakfast With The Beatles" can be found here.

If you have comments about the "Breakfast with the Beatles" specials hosted by Martin Lewis over the past few months - you may post them here.

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